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Waaa !! feel sad :((
21 March 2010 | 3:54 PM | 0 wink
Hyep .. why my life is soo difficult ?? why i can't live like other people ?? WHY i had so many problems ?? WHY !!!!!!!! Am i too serious in my relationship with someone ?? Buttt i want the best !! Ples understand me .. i done something wrong ?? hurrmmm .. Humphh .. talking trash .. bla bla bla bla ... I just wanna a life that could make me happy .. For those who are close to me.. they seems like don't understand my desires .. Am i too perfectionist ?? Perfectionist until i hurt their feelings ?? What have i done ..

Ha..ha..ha.. Back to school ..hurmm .. school ??? hurmm .... Boringgg .. i wake up in the morning .. go to school .. study n nothing go inside my mind .. it's nothing .. then go back home .. do the same routine again for the next day .. it's feel like my soul are gone .. dead and gone .. urghh ! i feel sorry for myself .. i don't know what is wrong with me .. I feel like something missing in my past .. But what ??

I'm a loner right now .. Easier to suppress the feelings than telling other people .. deep inside my heart .. then no one's know ..

Well let's just forget bout it .. and accept the changes .. actually .. i hate changes that hurt me a lot.. Oke la .. GOOD BYE ..

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Heyyo. Selamat datang ke blog suci tanpa debu. Jika anda seorang yang kotor sila sanitize dulu tangan anda dengan Dettol sebelum masuk. Kbye .

budak comel :)

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