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18 November 2010 | 10:10 PM | 0 wink
People like you are the reason we have middle fingers

Yesss .. today's headline ..
Arhh .. gila lah fed up dengan kau ..
Aku tak tau apa nak buat =.=
Jaga baby pun tak susah mcm kau..
Hiahhh .. apa blh buat ..
Bersabar jelahhhh ):

Aduhh .. apa aku nak buat ng kau ni ??
Tutup mata jelah ye ??
Never argue with an idiot. They'll drag you down to their level
then beat you with experience ..
ahha suka gila ini quotes :P
Wahhh .. ari sabtu and ahad tight gila jadual ..
Ahahaha .. penat la deyy ..

the law of the students...
1. we're always right, even though we can't prove it
2. we never copy, we just want to know if our answers are right
3. we don't write on the tables and walls, we're just decorating
4. we don't insult our teachers, we're just telling them their truth
5. we don't get distracted, we're just studying the air
6. we don't read magazines, we're learning from them
7. we don't watch porn, we're just studying the human body
8. we don't write little notes to our friends, we're learning another way to communicate
9. we don't sleep in class, we're just thinking
10. we don't talk, we're just exchanging expressions
11. we don't chew gum we're excercising our muscles
12. we don't get suspended, people suspended us
13. we don't smoke, we stimulate ourselves
14. we don't throw things, we're studying the laws of gravity
15. we don't pass the grade, we're just learning more so, here you got 15 laws... better follow them

note : ketandusan idea nak tulis ..
tp pg tulis jgk ...
mmg lah bagusss kan :P
bye bye !

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Heyyo. Selamat datang ke blog suci tanpa debu. Jika anda seorang yang kotor sila sanitize dulu tangan anda dengan Dettol sebelum masuk. Kbye .

budak comel :)

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