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6 ways to find out if he CHEATS on you !!!!
20 March 2011 | 8:00 PM | 2 wink
Well assalamualaikum and hello bloggers out there ..
Ermm today terasa nak cakap pasal ni : WHAT IF UR BF CHEATS ON YOU ??
There must be something wrong somewhere with him right ??
Yeahhhh then what are the symptoms ?
Hahahaha macam pesakit bertanya pada doktor nye !
simptom simptom bagai !

Ini dia !!  Let me reveal !!

1. He starts taking better care of himself.
If he starts working out, or wearing nicer clothes, he may not be doing it just for you. He might be doing it to impress someone else. ( tak tau ah kalau bf hang buang tebiat ke hape nak pki cantik2 )

2. He spends a lot less time with you.
If he blows you off on your usual date night once in a while, that’s one thing. But if all of a sudden he doesn’t want to spend any time alone with you, he might be feeling guilty. ( ni cik nak habaq maiii ! jaga jaga !! )

3. He has new friends you haven’t met before.
If he is always talking about friends, male or female, that he’s never really mentioned before, they might actually be HER friends. ( hurmm ini pun masalah juga =.= )

4. He treats you differently.
If he seems distant or on edge or is more critical of you than usual, he may be trying to get YOU to dump HIM. He might be stressed about school or work, but typically, if a guy starts treating you differently than before, something else is going on. ( ye aku setuju !!!! )

5. He accuses YOU of cheating.
If he was never the jealous type before, but suddenly starts treating you with suspicion or jealousy, he might be transferring his own guilty feeling to you. This is a typical sign of guilt, and you should definitely be on the alert! ( ni yg aku rasa nak cekik sangat2 tuh !!!!! )

6. He blocks you from MySpace or Facebook.
If all of the sudden you can’t see his Facebook wall or MySpace page, he may be hiding messages from another girl. Why else would he block you, unless he’s hiding something?
The best way to find out if your man is cheating is to ask him, of course. And if he has been unfaithful, you might be tempted to blame the other girl, but it’s not her fault. It’s his. (aku setujuuuuuuuu :D )

note : so better watch out gal !
Adiossssssssss :D

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