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dear you .....
10 December 2011 | 1:26 PM | 0 wink
You are a hot cup of coffee on December mornings ,
An ice-cold shower in the middle of July ,
You are rain tapping out secret messages on my window ,
whispering untold stories of our future on an island not known to man .

I am going to love you as fiercely as ocean winds that rip through the clouds
like tigers' teeth and bear claws .
Like wolves making midnights wishes on amber moons that resonate across
the sky that twinkles like movie-star smiles ,
and shake every last tree in the forest :)

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Heyyo. Selamat datang ke blog suci tanpa debu. Jika anda seorang yang kotor sila sanitize dulu tangan anda dengan Dettol sebelum masuk. Kbye .

budak comel :)

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